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If your startup is looking for an angel investor, it makes sense to present your plan to flocks of angels, and assume that at least one will swoop down and scoop you up. Or does it? Actually numbers and locations are just the beginning. The challenge is to find the right angel for you, and for your Read More
Much has been written recently about the requirement to focus today on the total customer experience, as a competitive edge or even for survival. Traditionally, you just worried about the quality of the sales transaction (price, speed, service), but the “customer experience” now includes ease of pr Read More
True business success and leadership starts with real personal values, extends to building a team, and finally to inspiring customers and your community. That’s a huge leap from an entrepreneurial idea, to a product, to making money. Is it any wonder that the majority of startups fail? My job as a Read More

Why Businesses Need to Take GDPR Seriously

Why Businesses Need to Take GDPR Seriously - https://www.pixelproductionsinc.com Avatar Posted by Pixel_pro under Startups
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Why Take GDPR seriously? Because it has everything to do with the way your business communicates with it's customers and how your customers data is used. Read More
In my role as a business advisor, one of the attributes I often see in a good leader is the ability and willingness to ask good questions, before moving forward or issuing edicts, potentially in the wrong direction. We all have mental barriers – those unquestioned assumptions, unexplored options, o Read More

12 Essential Pieces of Small Business Advice

12 Essential Pieces of Small Business Advice  - https://smallbiztrends.com Avatar Posted by stillwagon428 under Startups
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At Dreamforce 2018, the Salesforce small business team asked attendees to share their most essential advice for small business owners. Over the course of four days, we collected more than 1,000 pearls of wisdom. To celebrate National Small Business Week, we’ve distilled those 1,000+ suggestions dow Read More
It’s easier to start a digital marketing agency without funding than people might think. Here's how one entrepreneur did it—from bootstrapping, to useful tools, to how (and when) to hire employees.
Read More
You probably think that the fact that you have started your own business validates your leadership ability. It may confirm that you were a leader yesterday, but do you have what it takes to be a leader tomorrow? In this era of rapid change, you can’t afford to stop learning, or you will find that y Read More

Best Cities for Women Entrepreneurs

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Women-owned businesses are on the rise. Just look at the numbers. The number of women owned small businesses with employees increased by 2.8 percent, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau’s Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs. But where are these women entrepreneurs?
Our rankings of the best citie Read More
When you have been on the startup firing line, you quickly learn that any insight from experts and entrepreneurs who have been there before you can make the difference between failure and success. Yet, many new entrepreneurs brazenly assume they are bulletproof, and march blindly into the fray. The Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!