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Evernote is a powerful productivity tool but there are other great alternatives. Here are some of the best Evernote alternative tools that work like magic and help you improve productivity Read More
Today with new technology, tools, and innovative frameworks Service Automation brings a new life to the Human to Human interaction for Hotels.

Hotels now have an unprecedented opportunity to communicate with the customer within new interactive channels. Read More
The supply chain is the backbone of every business and especially, eCommerce businesses. This is why managed supply chain is extremely important to smaller businesses... Read More
Sales and Marketing automation has become a vital aspect of business marketing strategy. Here are some of the best sales and marketing automation tools to convert leads and retain customers. Read More

Top 5 Myths About Hosting Your Podcast on

Top 5 Myths About Hosting Your Podcast on - Avatar Posted by Ileane under Products and Services
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In this episode of the podcast I explore some of the top myths about hosting a podcast using Anchor as a free podcast host. In February of 2018, Anchor Version 3 launched with an updated app and a long awaited desktop recording dashboard. Version 3 (the current version) has an even stronger focus o Read More
Launching a new product is NOT easy, so understanding the stages of product packaging and development is key to an effective product launch strategy.

You have a new idea for your business, and the new product seems like it should be a winner.

Here are Some Great Tips to Help You Launch a New Read More
Finding a great app or tool sometimes can feel like winning the lottery – maybe not the Mega Millions, but at least a $20 scratch-off ticket. Here are some winning picks from some of our favorite sources. Read More
Easy access to tech gives the impression that creating apps is easy — however creating a successful B2B eCommerce Application is anything but easy.

Andrew Johnson, former Apple employee specializing in helping App developers succeed, sheds some light on the process of B2b eCommerce application a Read More
Print industry is undergoing transition. Gradually but significantly the industry is shifting towards digital platform and for good reasons. It is driven by the necessity of the enablement of e-commerce into the conventional print industry which is ravaged by digital technologies. Certain factors r Read More
Chrome extensions for Gmail users add awesome features and abilities to the everyday Gmail experience. Here is a list of some of the best Chrome extensions that every Gmail user should be using right now. Read More
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