It has been estimated that over 94% of businesses fail in the very first year of operation. Among the many reasons, lack of adequate funding happens to be the most common. As many entrepreneurs have found out to their dismay, mere brilliant ideas are unlikely to be successful in the marketplace unl Read More
Shark Tank perpetuated this terribly wrong notion that raising money is a simple and linear process that can be done in a 20-mins session. Who would imagine that you can go on a TV show to raise money?

The problem with this?

If you know just a little bit about the small business lending industry, then you probably know that your local bank isn’t the only player in the game these days.

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If your business is seeking angel investment, you're probably wondering what investors will ask, and what they're looking for. Here are our top resources. Read More
For small businesses, taking out a loan or a line of credit can help them grow at a rate much greater than they could without the added capital. However there are some fundamental differences between the two options that entrepreneurs should be aware of when determining which is right for them and Read More
A recent interview for an HBR article on crowdfunding and investment platforms made me think a bit about the democratization of VC and enterprise finance.

Friend or foe, crowdfunding or crowd (in)vesting are a logical evolution of the digital revolution and its most prominent foray into the cove Read More
There are ways to break through the glass start-up funding ceiling. You don’t have to fund your venture on your own, or settle for a lemonade stand instead of the business you wish you could afford. Follow these tips for a better chance of hitting the ground running with the capital you need. Read More
The number of micro venture capital firms — funds that raise money from limited partners to invest small amounts of money in many very early stage companies — have grown dramatically, from fewer than 50 in 2011 to about 250 today. This rapid growth has occurred because micro VCs fill an important g Read More
What looks good on paper can mislead you, especially when it comes to startup investing. Aim a few sharp questions at any founders who is after your cash. Read More
Take a look at some of the main reasons your initial small business loan application may have been rejected - and how you can improve it for next time. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!