Collective Health has raised $81 million in a series C round of venture capital for their health insurance management platform.

The funding round was led by first time investor Google Ventures and already existing investors NEA and Founders Fund, Maverick capital, Redpoint Ventures, and RRE Vent Read More
Approaching a lender can be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned business owner.

If you’ve never applied for a small business loan before it may be overwhelming to figure out what information you need on hand to show the lender.

Follow these 21 things to improve your chances of getting Read More
Yes! It is absolutely possible to make money from Yahoo answers.
Yahoo answers is definitely a wonderful place to make some extra income. Although it doesn’t directly help you make money, it does help indirectly. Read More
Institutional lenders reached an all-time high in the number of small business loans they approved, as did big banks, the latest Biz2Credt Small Business Lending Index reveals.
Small banks, however, reached an all-time low in total number of approved small business loans.
Specifically, institutio Read More
This step by step guide will help you make money with ClickBank.
Around $500 a month or even more. But wait ….
You have to read this guide completely. Read More
You want other people to invest in your business, right?You can’t even begin to think starting a business without considering your options for capital. Most entrepreneurs will require some amount of investment to get their business off the ground. Read More
Angel investment is one of the most common capital sources for both startups and relatively new companies looking to expand. But drawing high-net worth individuals toward an early-stage enterprise or business proposal requires well placed effort. Read More
Do you plan to invest? While there are a lot of investment options, you may want to explore silver. Read More
From silly ideas to life-chaning investments, crowdfunding is here to stay. On this post, we'll look back at some of the most successful projects to date. Read More
Getting started with your own business requires a great deal of money. Even if you have the best idea to be the next “big business” you need to have the money to get started. If the banks are not offering you loans, all hope is not lost; there are several ways to finance a small business on your ow Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!