Great story about; a community where people with great app ideas but no programming skills meet expert iPhone app developers. Read More
How to set up and use Google Reader to get all the new content on sites that you read. Reduce time searching and increase time reading. Read More
Here are the articles I enjoyed reading last week on BizSugar, together with some of the thoughts they inspired on international business. Read More
Creativity is selfless and it is dreaming for others – to give more than they like and undiscovered happiness. Creativity is also making things that are not seen or felt before. Speculations in dreams bring innovative ideas to create things that are not seen or felt before – to make one feel like they never felt before.
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For those business owners who are looking for a easy and good solution to manage their clients and also to collaborate between their team members, OfficeMedium is one such good platform that they can use. Read More
The article states .. Of the 23 million non-farm businesses in 2002, women owned 6.5 million businesses, generating $940.8 million in revenue, employing 7.1 million workers, and paying $173.7 billion in payroll, according to the Small Business Administration. And I am sure that number has risen in the past few years as I found another study that states women business owners generate $3 trilli Read More
It is important to know what you are building before you build it. Documenting the facts and key features is the essence of the requirements document. Read More
Businesses need owners' manuals to guide you through crises and offer an easy way to delegate tasks. Read More
If you have used Blogger to set up a blog, you now need to use this “How To” in order to set up Google Analytics to track visitors. No use setting up a blog and not knowing anything about it. Read More
If you struggle with tracking your time on client or company projects, you might want to check out Toggl for time tracking.  It is a web-based time-tracking Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!