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Customers ignore companies that send the wrong messages. This post explains this scenario with examples of companies. Read More
Digital marketing is one low-cost way to attract an audience, acquire new leads, and open doors of communication with prospects. Over a period of time, digital marketing experts developed some dos and don’ts for speedy success. Learn how to reboot your digital marketing efforts. Read More

9 Lessons Learned from Content Marketing Mistakes

9 Lessons Learned from Content Marketing Mistakes - Avatar Posted by stephen86 under Marketing
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According to a study, 66% of B2C brands surveyed reported failure with their content marketing efforts! Do you feel that way too? Find out how to turn things around in this post. Read More
The Beatles’ career may be one of the most inspirational success stories ever. They started from total obscurity, worked exceptionally hard, and endured set backs, failures and fights before becoming arguably the most famous rock and roll band in history. (Some estimates claim they have sold over 2 Read More
Let’s just get this out of the way: without an easy, intuitive user experience, your eCommerce website is doomed to fail. Read More
Predicting web design trends is critical for any digital marketing professional. Some people dismiss it as a waste of time, claiming that focusing too much on others distracts from your own work. However, if you don’t know how the industry is changing, you’ll never evolve. Read More
The Hunger Games is a global phenomenon, but it's also a textbook example of how to run a social media campaign. This post will illustrate how the movies' marketers constructed a smart, thorough social media plan, creatively using different channels to promote the movie by letting fans participate Read More
Your job is on the line. In digital marketing, best practices shift like the wind. If you're a strategist, writer or designer, you're expected to keep up -- and ahead -- of the trends. This post will highlight 7 trends you need to follow to build your expertise and keep your job. Read More
The hard truth is that many brands misunderstand social media marketing. This post will expose the myths about social media, and reveal how brands can leverage this powerful marketing tool to find an audience, drive engagement, and increase sales. Read More
Beauty brands need to do more than just look good online; they need to stand out from the competition. See how SPINX Digital transformed the website of beauty brand, Physician's Formula to increase traffic by 132%, time on web page by 30%, and Facebook reach by 209% Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!