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ay, the whole directory value question may need some ’splaining…but here’s our take on the “value” of a link from a canuck directory site to your own site…least in our experience, eh!

Based on our own true belief that the “formula” that drives an SEO Campaign to the top of the rankings….is based on the fact that you need links, or rather “back links” from other sites to combine with your own superb content, to rank nice and high on a search engine. Simple and easy to understand and neither simple nor easy to accomplish. Hence the variety of serps that the world sees for their websites. Read More
The simple answer, according to the latest Chitika Research study is — a ton! A FULL TWICE what the #2 ranking offers! In order to track same, the folks over at Chitika tracked their own traffic and it’s referrers and learned that almost 35% of that traffic came from the #1 ranking spot — almost as much as the numbers 2 through 5 slots combined, and more than the numbers 5 through 20 (the end of page 2) put together!

So….a #1 ranking brings new traffic, that’s not news, but the size of the lead of the #1 spot over all the rest is somewhat surprising, eh! Read More
First, I’m not a bit surprised at this reaction to what we think is a dwindling yellow pages advertisers market…that the YPG folks have found that offering up custom produced video for their advertisers might reduce the advertisers who are leaving their business solutions.

I’ve already blogged here quite a few times on the YPG and their marketing of the yellow pages and their online directories to Canadian SMBs here and here and here too. If you need some background then on this kind of corporate BIG firm thinking from a marketing viewpoint, then I’d suggest maybe that you click those links to read up on same.

To make my point here, I’d offer up the following evidence…. Read More
Over the past long Victoria Day weekend, there’s a new development in SEO offering firms that just may affect us canucks too! The Gannett Media chain with over $6 billion in revenue, has apparently begun offering up pilot SEO services to SMBs in the Phoenix, AZ community! Read more about same here….

Gannett are the folks who own many major dailys in various US cities along with radio and tv stations too — not to mention their USAToday paper, they will attempt to provide SEO services to various advertisers and other small/medium enterprise businesses in an attempt to become a one stop marketing shop in that pilot community. Read More
Okay, the report is in from a combined Internet Retailer Survey and the numbers are pretty impressive!

As we thought, the survey which encompasses chains, catalog firms, web-only merchants and manufacturing firms too, shows that overall, more than 50% of all attributable sales are results of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)!

WooHoo! Knew it! Kinda makes my day, eh…but let’s dig into those numbers a little shall we? Read More
I need to lead with this one! Mike Blumenthal is a New York state based SEO who specializes in LOCAL search for his many clients on both a state and national basis, and he’s got a real jam-packed SEO Tactics report entiled “Where Social and Rank Meet…” that you can look over here…

With info therein on social rankings, rank relevance, where we all stand in the google scheme of things and much much more, means that anyone who ever thought about Social ranking needs to read this one! Read More
Well, if you’re like me, you’ve often glanced at the glossy mag entitled “Consumer Reports” at the local supermarket checkout line…but if you’re like me you seldom every buy. I mean honestly, who needs to know the “Top 10 Refridgerator Models for 2010!” anyways…I mean come on, eh? There’s only so much to research and once you determine how many Canadians you can stock in the “beer crisper,” how much more do you need to know, eh? Ahh…but that’s not ALL that this well known, big-rep magazine offers to it’s readers, I’ve just learned! Read More
The web is awash this morning with how Google has updated/changed/modified their UI (user interface) and while that is apparent in the US at — us canucks up here in Canada using didn’t get any of that love!

As you can see from the top logo, the colorations have changed — Google has both brightened the hues of the various primary shades used as well as decreasing the 3D bevelled look and lightened the drop-shadow too. Read More
Okay, you’re thinking that hey, Facebook is one of those “social” sites, right? So who’s worried about privacy when you “choose” to be social online, eh?

Sigh….there are some MAJOR concerns that are apparently coming more to the forefront for us canucks and here’s the Canadian skinny on same!
Read More
Okay, I know that you may be thinking that Blackhat SEO is something practiced by a teensy tiny minority…but it’s the “how they do it” that is most troubling, and my hat’s off to SOPHOS for exposing this for us.

SOPHOS is the anti-virus, security company with more than 100 million users globally and yes, we use their products our own selves but did NOT receive anything for this article... Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!