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Fashion is one of the most important things to happen to the mankind. There are many aspects of fashion industries which will be very interesting to learn. It is also one of the most potential career options. Read More
A share point is a web application platform in the Microsoft office server suite. The market of sharepoint developer jobs is growing rapidly, and this attracted a lot of developers to choose this platform to build their careers. There are some of the points which can help you make a career as a goo Read More
The insights from the project work are written to give a personal view about the work you did.

It is about writing down the insights you got and what new points you gained from reading the whole text of the project work.

While the reflection is about the effects the project would reflect to t Read More
Dreams are meant to be taken and fulfilled. Everyone has a right to dream good for oneself. Whether they are parents or it’s you, all have the freedom to dream in life. It’s not specifically about not pursuing what your parents have dreamt of you to be; maybe you have the same dream as your parents Read More
In an office it is commonly seen that all the employers or the boss are normally acting as a well wisher of their employees but it is not true all the time. There may be certain dumb lies which a boss tries to deliver in front of the employee to protect themselves. Read More
Marijuana is one of the addictive drugs which can be called as a weed. But usage of marijuana in the workplace can make things worse and especially for people who deal with travelling or driving. Read More
Many employers hire employees through a long job interview process to analyze each individual’s skill and ability. If they hire for a senior level position definitely there will be a long interview process. They check your attitude and passion towards the job they are offering, how much stability t Read More
When you work for a company do not quit it without having any other alternate job in hand. It is a very big risk where you end up lag in your career. If you are not satisfied with a company where you are currently working, try to search for another company and then take a decision to shuffle. Read More
Quantifying your resume with numbers is mandatory as it makes your claims to be valid. It usually considers a worse thing when you submit a vague resume.

Every resume just possesses general data where they start up with, which stands to the main reason to reject. Instead, resumes should have qua Read More
Female cliques are another equally challenging thing you may encounter in your workplace. The knowledge of female cliques at work and the best way to deal with it can help you lead a much better professional life without getting frustrated or breaking down emotionally. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!