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Aegora's First Influencer Marketing Campaign Generated 500 Signups

Will influencer marketing work for any brand? The short answer is 95% yes (I created this statistic). But it all comes down to who you are reaching out to and how you communicate your intention with these influencers. Read More
Do you have a blog posts that still need the light of the sun?

Are your old blog posts breathing in the dust of archived pages with no one to care for them?

Don’t worry the savior is here.

Her name is Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social media platform that breaths images and infographics. Read More
Visual content is eating the web.

From 2011 to 2015, the average time spent watching digital video daily increased from just 21 minutes to 1 hour, 16 minutes - an increase of 261%.

Visual-centric social networks - Snapchat and Instagram - have seen massive growth within the same period. Insta Read More
Content saturation

Content saturation is perhaps the biggest problem facing marketers in the coming years.

What does it mean? Quite simply, there is more content out there than we could ever hope to read! At the time of writing, 4.1 million (MILLION!) blogs had been written and published in t Read More
My first encounter with social media was a long time ago. My first account wasn’t on Facebook or Twitter…it was on Myspace, and this was long before it became a music platform.

When Facebook first showed up on the scene I laughed. Read More
You want to get noticed by influencers don’t you?

The trick is not to yell “me, me, me” over the rooftops.

Unfortunately, I see exactly this tactic nearly every day. Here’s a recent email I received: Read More
Bloggers are always looking for ways to manage their time so that they can do more. If it wasn’t true, you wouldn’t have come here to read this post. Read More
Back when we started NinjaOutreach (a year and a half ago), we knew that we would need a bunch of different tools to help us move forward with achieving our goals.

We started with a few tools, mostly free ones (Trello, Zopim, Freshdesk, etc) and now it has grown to over 30 and counting. We might Read More
Build it and they will come?

If you’ve ever built a blog, website, or online store, you know that’s definitely NOT the case.

It takes some hustle and elbow grease to gain traffic, traction, and sales. Read More
You create an awesome blog post with great effort. You spill out 1000 or 2000 words on your blog posts. You hit that magic button, in the hope that your content are shared and loved. That’s not the case.

Your content will be nowhere, and is stuck under the stack of tons of webpage published dail Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!