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Bump you, Scrabble. I'm sorry. I love you. See why this board (bored) game led to a blogging breakthrough.
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I share helpful tips to help you grow your home based business without having a boss breathing down your neck.
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Today, I'm promoting the first collection of my 141 products on Amazon to help you blast through your blogging and writing blocks.

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If you're excited to get your guest posts published on top blogs but don't know how to do it I read your mind. I did. Honestly.

All the way from here in Costa Rica I said to myself: "Lemme write a guest post on Zac Johnson​'s Blogging Tips to help you successfully land guest posts on top blogs." Read More
What's your take on blogging criticism?

I share why I wished to herd all of my critics into a Murder Hole - the Old Me at least - and why the new me has a slightly healthier take on blogging criticism.

Click the link and do share your thoughts.
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Are you afraid to deal with criticism? Let's turn that pain into profits, shall we?

Download my eBook to turn harsh blogging criticism into sweet blogging profits.
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Are you disgusted with your blogging efforts?

Before you bash your sweet noggin into a wall take these 4 blogging tips to heart.

They may just save your pretty little face.

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Blog commenting may destroy your blog. Seriously.

I know it sounds weird from a rabid commenting fan like me but this is a cautionary tale ya need to check out.

Here's why....
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If you are sick of dealing with writer's block I have a few tips to help you slay this blogging demon.

As a new blogger I struggled to write a 300 word post.

After writing 123 bite-sized eBooks (in under a year) and publishing over 5,000 posts during my blogging career I have beat down writer Read More
Is your blogging confidence in the pooper? I have been there. Use these 7 tips to stop being a need demon and to become a supremely confident blogger. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!