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Wireless networks were not in popular usage even a decade before. With broadband technology, wireless has invaded our homes as well. It’s a convenience that frees us from the chains of Ethernet cables if it works and if it doesn’t, it’s really a headache. Read More
The Wi-Fi Alliance has launched a certification program recently for a new standard and technology known as Wi-Fi Aware. This program is for a technology which works with smartphone’s in built Wi-Fi sensing capabilities letting the Wi-Fi Aware devices discover each other before they get connected. Read More
You may want to reconsider wireless router upgrade if you haven’t considered it since long. Even if your old router is still working, the new one will offer you a better Wi-Fi. Read More
Setting up robust Wi-Fi networks for business is far from being a nerve-wracking experience. With the Bring your Own Device trend on the rise, a large number of tablets and smartphones are making their way into the corporate networks. With the passage of time, this number will rise. Read More
The Internet of Things is right upon us.
Google is updating the search engine algorithms to favor mobile-friendly websites.
Today, people are making more use of the Internet while on the go and thus, they expect to access the WiFi hotspots while they are on the move. Read More
Wireless routers are everywhere nowadays. Almost all houses and businesses today have one. Functional wireless routers are one of the most significant components of wireless network helping to easily connect a computer to broadband internet service. This allows to share data files and stream media Read More
You prefer wireless connectivity over wired connectivity for your business. That’s great! Next, you need to choose between an enterprise-grade access point and a SOHO access point. That’s a dilemma that many entrepreneurs face and have a hard time resolving it. Read More
Automation and mobility are two key aspects of enterprise WiFi. Without these two, an enterprise can never be one step ahead in the race.
I’ve acknowledged the role played by WiFi enterprise mobility. And here I will discuss how WiFi is bringing automation close to mobility. I am not a jargonist, Read More
The wireless signals don’t penetrate these zones and thus your wireless device will fail to receive a Wi-Fi signal when in these zones.

You can easily find the wireless dead zones by taking a walk around your office or house. As soon as you find them, experiment with multiple solutions and fix t Read More
Enterprise connectivity is a silent killer. It can create problems for enterprises without letting them being aware of those problems.
Even five years ago, enterprises were not able to measure the impact of connectivity on their businesses. But using advanced ROI metrics, they can now measure it. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!