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Need help establishing a Twitter account? This pamphlet goes from the first screen you see to some tips on Twitter etiquette. If Twitter has you confused, this can help. Read More
The new ComLuv is harder to get to work than the old one. Is it worth it? Yes and no. The registration feature requires a Feedblitz account to work, and that costs money. Read More
You drive traffic to your blog through Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Do not let your blog drive that traffic away. Make sure it has these five essential pages. Read More
Affected by the Blogger outage? Do you want to move your blog away from Blogger but don’t know how? Here are instructions for moving your blog from Blogger to a self hosted WordPress blog without losing posts and comments. Read More
If your blog doesn’t have a "Hire Me" tab, you are missing out on potential work. Many businesses do not think to hire someone whose blog they enjoy, but the presence of a "Hire Me" tab would prompt them to do so. Clearly spelling out prices and policies increases sales as well. Read More
The "more" button in Wordpress can make it easier to track the impact of a particular blog post. Here is how to make that happen. Read More
This discusses how to distribute an eBook to your mailing list using WordPress. Marketing gurus tell you that an eBook is a good premium to reward someone for giving you their email address, but the mechanics of distribution are not usually discussed. Read More
Tired of problems with or I can help you set up a self-hosted WordPress blog. Read More
Controversial advice: why you do NOT need your own business blog; you need your own domain name and content on a regularly updated blog with strong social influence. Read More
Guest posting is touted as a way to increase your reach and find new readers. Guest posts don't just happen, however. Here is how to craft an effective query and place your guest posts where they will be most useful. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!