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Global Business Leadership discusses the urgent issues facing global business leaders and presents seven strategies found necessary for successful intercultural business ventures. It provides business professionals and students with insight into the failure of businesses to prepare leaders for step Read More
In today's volatile market, you tend to lose focus on what you need and what you don't need or rather to put it bluntly, not only you but most of us tend to... Read More

Google Wants to Help Your Business Go Global

Google Wants to Help Your Business Go Global - Avatar Posted by andrea.chensten under Global
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Today businesses and the Internet go hand in hand. The promise of the Internet has always been that your business could be located anywhere and be able to do business around the corner or around the globe (a tired cliché, I know). The reality, though, is that if you’re a small business in Latin Ame Read More
The internet brings amazing opportunities to companies and individuals but with those opportunities comes great responsibility. Read More
Many people and companies have surely had experiences with difficulties in transferring money internationally. When banks were the only option for money transfers, the fees were high and it often would take a week or more for the money to be transferred into recipient’s account. Today, money transf Read More
American’s are known for their “time is money” ways and are often very superficial in their business relationships; compartmentalizing their personal and professional lives. In most of the rest of the world – people’s personal relationships are what drive their professional dealings. Understandin Read More
In an ideal world when establishing or expanding a small business, it would be best to utilize personal resources. However, as we all know, this is not always possible. Furthermore, if used properly and responsibly, financial leverage can be a very efficient way to expand your small business, many Read More
Many business men in small scale are afraid to develop their business. Actually, business is about how we make the opportunities going maximally, or we have to be able to manage all the chances. Do not be afraid with all the risk that we will face with, because business is the way or the term that Read More
A post-downturn economy can be an exciting yet perilous environment for business. Given this environment, strategic risk management becomes even more crucial.

With so many potential risks in the market, how do we evaluate the greatest risks to our respective businesses? Read More

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