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It doesn't matter how well you design your blog or write the content if it is not properly promoted. Immediately after writing an article, you should start promoting it to get traffic using the link building techniques. The main objective of link building is to get backlinks as well as traffic to y Read More
Worried about duplicate content? Is copyscape free version not fulfilling your requirements? Then here are the free and best online plagiarism checkers that are worthy alternatives to Copyscape [..] Read More
Google has launched two new ad units 300x600 and 970x90 one after the other. They're named as 'Large Skyscraper' and 'Large Leaderboard' respectively. While the Large Skyscraper failed to convert, Super Leaderboard showed its influence and is currently working great for text ads. Find the full revi Read More
Is your website having higher bounce rate? High bounce rates means bad user experience as well as lower search rankings. The ideal bounce rate of a website depends on the type of niche it is tagged in. For example, Entertainment blogs will have lower bounce rates compared to tech blogs. Interesting Read More
BlueHost is one of the most preferred hosting site, especially for WordPress powered blogs. Even lists BlueHost at the top of other hosting providers in their recommendations page. Here is our unbiased review of BlueHost WordPRess hosting..Have a look.. Read More
Earlier, bloggers/webmasters used to ignore the copycats but with the Google algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin, they’ve started getting worried about the duplicate content as the search engines are sometimes getting confused by the content scraping bots.

In order to fight these content sc Read More
Blogs usually need regular maintenance, especially if the niche is related to news, gadgets etc... However, there are few other niches that don't depend on seasons or trends and so you don't need to wake up early and stay till dark for the breaking news or headlines.

If you don't have time and s Read More
Social bookmarking is the quickest way to drive traffic to any website. Not just traffic, one can get high PR backlinks from authority sites too..but it is a bit tiresome to find the most active bookmarking sites which are dofollow. And yes, we took the pain, finding the most active & best social b Read More
Although, Google keeps tweaking its algorithm regularly, it makes sure that the basic SEO process is intact (unmodified). No matter how many Google pets arrive, blogs which follow these basics will never get penalized. Do you know these basic SEO tips that we're talking about? Find out here [...] Read More
Do you really require content writing skills to become a succesful blogger or atleast to start a blog? Well, I don't think so. There are several niches or blog topics where-in you don't have to write. Find out the list of niches that require little/no writing skills [...] Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!