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Need fresh ways to promote a business online? Check out '14 Artful Internet Marketing Tactics.' Topics include Web marketing techniques such as SEO, podcasting, video marketing, social media, content marketing, article marketing, email marketing, online publicity, and more... Read More
Many in Internet marketing say Twitter is their most effective Web tactic. Here's the scoop on 11 free Twitter tools. Supercharge your Web results with these... Read More
Before you hire a blog writer, there are a few important things you want to understand. What else can the writer do to grow your business? Can they create smokin' hot, on-trend SEO content like this?... Read More
If you seek backlinks tips, these 20 best practices and strategies are the Crown Jewels of SEO. Do this for more link juice, search engine traffic, and leads... Read More
Choosing a good domain name is tough. If the .com you really want isn't available, consider 'verbifying' your URL. Discover this fun naming trend and other tips for brainstorming memorable domain names... Read More
What is a copywriter? The answers vary -- some are even funny! This infographic meme visualizes some of the wild, wacky views of what copywriters *really* do... Read More
Google Search has announced 50 more algorithm changes. If you rely on Google for Web traffic, carefully follow these action steps -- or risk being de-indexed... Read More
Are you considering becoming an ebook writer and/or self-publishing a book? Use this fun brainstorming exercise to unlock countless great book ideas you don't even know you have! Read More
Google's recent de-indexing of many websites is sending world-wide shockwaves. Here's how to get out of trouble if your site's been de-indexed -- and how to avoid linkbuilding troubles if you're okay for now... Read More
What is an EPK? This tiny question gets a big, detailed answer here. 3 EPK formats and several content ideas provided by a publicist at a Publicity Service... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!