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Homeowners who are facing the challenge of foreclosure are in dire and desperate need of any help that may come along the way. It is during these perilous times that families are being challenged not only financially but also emotionally. Imagine your property being taken away from you and your fam Read More
Google's Impact on Education through Social Entrepreneurship 3:
Google has a strong impact on the students' education... Read More
With the majority of people supporting the betterment of social issues and a minority of those that don’t, it makes sense that when choosing between two companies of the same product (say Earls, and Dining in the Dark where all proceedes go to support the blind), majority will choose the brand (or Read More
Could a socially oriented business entity? Is not merely pursuing profit business? Or vice versa, only foundation which can move in efforts to address social problems?

Similar questions have often appeared but a missed completely. Social entrepreneurs become new creatures that need to be seen.
Read More
“Social entrepreneurship” is a sticky and ill-defined term. Ask the gal sitting next to you on the bus or your brother-in-law over dinner what it is, and you’re likely to get a head tilt and quizzical look. At best, you’ll get a ventured guess at what it sounds like it should be (“Um, entrepreneurs Read More
peaking at the Leadership for a Better World – Creating Social Value through Innovation Conference, Paul C. Light set out to define what it is to be a Social Entrepreneur. Lack of clarity in the term often creates conflict between groups that feel they have been promoting social values throughout Read More
The “conventional” innovative approach of “social business” as “a non-loss, non-dividend company designed to address a social objective” creates serious limitations to accountability, scaling, attracting investors and competing in an agressive business world. As long as we remain true to a double-b Read More
One of the central questions in the growth of the field of social entrepreneurship is whether the term and framework of "social entrepreneurship" will persist, or whether we will look back and see ... Read more of this post, The Shape of "Social Entrepreneurship" at PopTech, at Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!