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(Bronson, MI) March 30, 2012 – Innovation is more than creativity, brainstorming, or thinking outside-the-box. It is the essence for survival in the marketplace. Innovation requires adaptability, diversity and a competitive spirit, or in other words ‘finding a better box’ according to Stephen Shapi Read More
The next generation of young women is just beginning the process of becoming curious. Looking for what meaning and purpose they will create for their life. Young women are now discovering what matters while emerging into the beginning stages of young womanhood.

According to Keller, “These young Read More
Before you consciously make efforts to get noticed, the first thing you need to do is figure out who should be noticing you.
Who REALLY matters? Who do you want (or need) to impress?
Read More
The best learned lessons come not from your success, but from your failures. Actually, the biggest failure is not learning from your mistakes. So, to help you uncover your "blindspots"or habits that keep you from expanding to the best you can be, read these 5 habits that hold you back, and what you Read More
Although women are making great strides in getting noticed at work, home and in the social sphere, they still find themselves making less than men on the dollar, working long hours and dealing with workplace discrimination. Influence and persuasion expert, Karen Keller, Ph.D, advises some ‘getting Read More
Think of the ways you use the word time. “What am I doing with my time? What is it doing for me?” Time is a complicated subject and your relationship with time needs to be positive. Read More
Men and women are at odds when it comes to power and influence in the context of capitalism. The areas of real power and influence are overwhelmingly occupied by men. Dr. Karen Keller, explains how women in business and female entrepreneurs can step into the capitalist arena and become a more compe Read More
Being the boss can be difficult at times. Making the tough decisions, giving people a second chance, being held accountable, taking responsibility, and being unpopular all go along with the territory. But what does it take to be the female leader in charge? Read More
Asking for what you want is the necessary first step in getting what you want. That’s the way it works! If you don’t ask you don’t get – simple. Influence expert, Karen Keller, Ph.D, explains what women can do to increase their chances for getting what they want. Read More
Women have choices on how they approach change. Often they pretend it isn’t happening, particularly when the change is unknown. What are the faces of change? Instability, lack of control, discomfort, loss of rights, inconvenience and, yes, that age-old monster, fear, just to name a few. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!