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I nearly died while ice climbing a few years ago. It was late in the season and the temperatures weren’t quite as cold as necessary for the frozen waterfalls to be solid enough to safely climb. But my friend and I were fearless and stupid—literally a lethal combination—and we wanted to get one last Read More
Why conducting research into how a blog monetizes its traffic might help you get your guest post published. Read More

The Truth About Making Money Blogging

The Truth About Making Money Blogging - Avatar Posted by MeetAna under Online Marketing
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As I read many blogs on a daily basis, I am surprised to see how few of them talk about how truly difficult it is to monetize a blog. Sure, there are some great articles out there on HOW to do it. Read More
Judging by the questions I constantly get from my readers and by the guest posts that get submitted to Traffic Generation Cafe and the numerous unrelated tags they come with, the question of tagging is something that definitely needs to be addressed. Read More
Today I decided to give up blogging about what I THINK you’d like to know and actually find out WHAT YOU would like to know. Yes, it’s a Q&A day at Traffic Generation Cafe. You can ask me any question about blogging, traffic generation, SEO, social media – anything and everything that’s on your hea Read More
Many of us use Google Analytics or similar tracking script to see where our traffic is coming from. This works well as it shows us which visitors are coming from Google, Twitter, Facebook, email newsletters, and any other traffic source our site may get visitors from. Read More
As I look at many blogs on a daily basis during my blog audits and other consulting services I provide, I run into the problem of bloggers squandering their precious time with Google bots on all sorts of links that shouldn’t be on their home page to begin with. Read More
Simply put, a ping is a “this site has new content” notification that invites search engine bots to visit your blog.

By default, WordPress pings one pinging service called Ping-o-matic; that service will in turn ping others.

You can always add additional pinging services to be notified when n Read More
It’s not every day that the world’s leading SEO experts get together to collaborate on a project of this magnitude: coming to a relative consensus on what presumably are the most important ranking factors in Google algorithm right now, how they changed in the past 2 years, and what Google has for u Read More
Don’t you just love it when you put everything you’ve got into every post you write just to see it buried in the archives a couple of weeks later?

Rhetorical question, I know…

All is not lost however.

You CAN find other ways to give life to your seemingly retired content and here’s but a s Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!