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As bloggers and entrepreneurs, we have enough on our plates to contend with, let alone have the time and resources to sign up to every new thing that comes along. So the question is, are you taking on more than you can realistically handle? Here's my story... Read More

Seven New Social Networks You Don't Know Yet

Seven New Social Networks You Don\'t Know Yet - Avatar Posted by erikemanuelli under Social Media
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Are you using social media to market your website or to create relationships within your niche?

In this post, you are going to discover seven new social networks, that you can use to promote yourself and build new connections.

You don’t want to lose the chance to jump on the next social media Read More
PostPlanner is a Facebook scheduling tool like no other. It works from inside the Facebook interface and helps keep your accounts active. In this video I share the unique benefits offered that will help you with content generation ideas not only for Facebook but for other platforms including Pinter Read More
Want to reduce your WordPress blog's bounce rate? Struggle no more, check out this amazing plugin called Zero Bounce designed to help you reduce or even eliminate bounce rate, increase affiliate earnings or even email subscribers, check out my review here... Read More
Why do we blog? Do we blog for the money? Or, do we blog for the love of writing and hope that it pays the web hosting bill? There are probably many of us who are in between those two points. Regardless of where we are on the spectrum, it is nice to make a few bucks, right? So, how do we do that wi Read More
This is the first post in this series. Do you have any guess who are here now?? Just have some random names.

Want a clue?? Ok. This blogging genius has the most beautiful FB profile picture and gravatar image.

Hey, you are smiling. Of course, you are right. It is none other than Erik Emanuell Read More
Here's my step by step guide to how I create stunning, eye-catching custom featured images for my blog posts. Do your use custom featured images for your blog posts? If not, here's a few tips you can pick up from how I create mine. Read More
Do you run a blog or a small business website? If so, do your visitors know what your site is about the moment they land on it? If not they should. Clarity in blogging or with your online business is pretty important. If you don't have any clarity or even have a unique value proposition... Read More
No matter if you are in business for just a few weeks or since a couple of years, you'll have heard about the list and how important it is to build your list.

List Building for 2015 is a set of tools that make list building even easier.

As I personally use these tools I only can recommend to Read More
If you're a blogger, you'll appreciate just how valuable your time is, and that you should be investing your time doing the necessary things to grow your blogging business. The same goes for money too. Here are three ways I wasted my time and money as a blogger in 2014... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!