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Traditional form of web design is slowly but surely coming to an end. UX design will become the next big thing in web design, especially from 2017 and onwards.

But before we talk any further, let’s start with the basics first. What is UX design? Why is it expected to rule the web designing indus Read More
A simple design isn’t so simple to achieve.

The statement might look like a paradox, but it does hit the nail right on the head.

According to a study that’s made by Google in 2012, it’s been found that users rate “visually complex” websites to be less beautiful than their immediate counterpar Read More
Designing an effective home page design is all about placing the right elements at the right place. Find out which elements to include in your web design layout. Read More
Payment gateways are different from payment processors. What factors should you consider when purchasing a payment gateway for your e-store? Read to find out. Read More
Pinterest is a great marketing tool if you are a writer. But you need to be creative to match up to its pace. Are you ready? Use these ideas to get started Read More
Cornerstone content is different from awesome research based content. With cornerstone content you can demonstrate your authority within the industry. It also helps you to attract new readers by giving them essential guidelines that they might be interested to seek after. Read More
Case studies are as important as your business blog page. Highlight your service potential by to make convert visitors into customers. Read to learn how. Read More
Sometimes creating fresh new contents can be challenging. Repurpose your old content and boost up your marketing strategy today. Find out how to get started. Read More
You have a business and you’ve created a website for it to establish an online presence. It surely delivered excellent results in the beginning. However, the design’s benefits have waned gradually with the passage of time. Read More
If you own a business, you must think about marketing. And when it comes to marketing a business, you just can’t do without visuals. That’s the simple truth. Visuals have long been the key to marketing across all platforms. And they have become increasingly significant in the digital world as well. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!