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Facebook Audience Optimization is the new replacement for its predecessor, Interest Targeting. This update was designed to help Facebook understand, categorize, and distribute the type of content you share from your Page and deliver it to the timelines of your preferred fans and potentially other u Read More
Ever notice some Facebook Pages have a grey check mark verification badge next to their business name? It’s because they’ve been verified as a local business on Facebook. Read More
Ever wonder how to automatically add your old or new YouTube videos to a playlist? I found myself wasting too much time adding each individual video to my playlists that when I stumbled across this auto add feature I had to let you know! Read More
The Facebook Beacon is a device you put in your local business that sends information to people who are on Facebook near you and have Bluetooth turned on. Gotta love tech! Read More
NEW FEATURE: You can now embed Facebook videos on your website or blog. Learn how to find the video embed code you need to share your Facebook content on your web pages. Read More
This week’s #SocialMediaMinute will cover how to find your top YouTube subscribers list.

Now there’s more than one reason you’ll want to know this info so check it out in the video tutorial.
Read More
Good news! Facebook just added an option for users to report stories they see in News Feed as false, which helps save the rest of us from being fooled! Read More
LinkedIn recently revitalized their recommendation management dashboard to make it easier to track your given or received recommendations. Check it out! Read More
Quickly learn how to schedule image tweets using Twitter. This social media tutorial teaches scheduling tweets that include photos or graphics using Twitter. Read More
Today's case study shows you how to increase the reach of a tweet

- without increasing your number of followers,

- without paying for Twitter ads,

- and even without the help (retweets) of your friends or fans. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!