3 Direct Mail Flubs Costing You Big Bucks

3 Direct Mail Flubs Costing You Big Bucks - http://www.sbmarketingtools.com Avatar Posted by seltzer04 under Direct Marketing
From http://www.sbmarketingtools.com 1487 days ago
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If you are planning to invest in direct mail here is some expert advice to follow so you can avoid some common mistakes that cost you money... and impact your ROI.

You'll save money and maximize your results if you can manage to avoid these flubs...


Written by tiroberts
1480 days ago

Fantastic article, and it's just in time for me as I'm going to start sending out some direct mail pieces in the coming weeks. Thanks for sharing this article with us.

Written by seltzer04
1483 days ago

Thanks Heather! I can chime in for Joy, because I have a lot of experience in this area as well... The best way to isolate the issue you may be having with design is to run A/B tests to compare slight changes in design. Working with a direct mail shop is the best way to accomplish this - you give them 2 designs of your direct mail to run (with a different 800# or code on each) and have them split the list with the mailing. The test can be as simple as a different headline or image, or it could be a different size, format, etc. Testing is always the best answer to optimize.

Written by HeatherStone
1481 days ago

Thanks, Diane! Very helpful and detailed information. I hope everyone in the BizSugar community can benefit.

Written by HeatherStone
1483 days ago

Hi Diane,

Thanks for sharing this with the BizSugar community. In the case of point number two, I think design can often be a pretty subjective thing. I'm wondering whether you or Joy could chime in here with some advice for marketers who are afraid this might indeed be the problem but just aren't sure. What can you do to check yourself and be sure you're not just deluding yourself in this department? Is there a way to collect feedback from your customers, for example -- I mean, of course, beyond the fact that they're not responding -- to isolate whether this is the problem or something else?

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