3 Times When an SMB Needs a Lawyer

3 Times When an SMB Needs a Lawyer  - http://www.smbceo.com Avatar Posted by ivanpw under Legal
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Small business owners should build a relationship with a local attorney and have someone they can call if a legal problem arises. The big question is, when?


Written by tanleeandchoo
96 days ago

It's such as an informative article. its describe well why SMB's required lawyers. there are no of problem SMB's face in daily life so they need to hire a lawyer or law firm.

Written by lyceum
495 days ago

Ivan: Oh, OK. How did it turn out?

Written by lyceum
501 days ago

Ivan: Have you used a lawyer for your business?

Written by ivanpw
498 days ago


Almost, actually :)

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