Avoiding Bad Practices. Part two: Ethics

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Ethics are beliefs and perceptions of correct behaviour. Our ethics, values and morals assist us in determining what is right and wrong. How can acknowledging ethics improve my business and gain results?


Written by andrea.chensten
4347 days ago

We really must not forget Ethics in whatever we do, wherever we are because it will reflect in our credibility if we are a business entrepreneur, an investor, an analyst,even just as a simple blogger.

Written by yoni67
4350 days ago

Bloggertone: Yup, ethics. You see it every day. Fixing results. Ringers. Plotting and all kinds of things that people do every day instead of doing things fairly and by the book. Another great article by the Bloggertone team and I agree with BusinessSavante 100 percent, it is "sickening" to see so much lack of ethics and professionalism in business. Wonderful article!


Written by businessavante
4350 days ago

Great Article Christina! Niall - the sickening thing is that those at the top ordering the unethical tactics won't be getting THEIR hands dirty, and they can deny involvement, leaving you to take the blame.


Written by nialldevitt
4350 days ago

Great post Tina, really on the money! Your point about taking in account cultural differences is well made. As regards unethical behaviours, or in my case unethical selling, I've seen it happen and had pressure put on me to partake. In my experience, this was a top down pressure as in the direction came from management and was more insidious than a direct instruction. This, I'm sure happens a lot more than we think particularly where the salespeople are young/inexperieced and vulnerable to coercion.

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