Brands are created by visionaries, but throttled slowly into decline and death by caretakers. This may state the obvious, but often in the day-to-day management of brands (especially in large corporations) it is easy to forget that someone one day created the brand. A deep and clear understanding of that person’s vision, and what they intended to create and build is important. All to often brands that fade forget this, and instead they start chasing and following others, versus carving out and owning the original vision


Written by elainerogers
4396 days ago

Nice thought process instigated here Gary.

It seems a common thread in all the brands that have been resuscitated is that they were built on a steadfast foundation, coming from vision, passion, drive and good economics.

As long as the flower has not withered completely, starved of water, it is possible to brig it back to life. And for brands I do believe this can be another life-time!

I am sure all eyes are on Apple over the next 5 years, watching and waiting - does CEO turn caretaker, or drive the well respected vision. (Interesting that Heather had similar sentiments below)

One thing is for sure - conformity and playing safe are not nutritional for growth (and more common than we like to admit as business owners)

Written by HeatherStone
4401 days ago

Hi Gary--I think it's true that many brands, dying and otherwise, could use a visionary to lead the way. However, I wonder, there are many brands that have less visible leaders at the helm, with organizational vision provided by teams rather than one dynamic (cult, haha) leader (Apple), and these companies chug happily along. Apparently not all brands need a single visionary. Speaking of Apple, we'll see whether it goes into rapid decline now that its visionary is gone. I am not an Apple fan. Steve was okay, but his products are elitist in my view.

Anyway, the post got me thinking, so it's obviously a good one!


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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!