Ever notice how many bloggers tell you to be Authentic? A quick search on Google returns 62 million results. So it’s obviously important. But what is it? And, more important, how do you become more authentic?


Written by nialldevitt
4868 days ago

Hi Ivan, really interesting post! Over the years, I've met many people offline that I was surprised to find were not at all like their online persona. In my experience this tends to happen more with people who are loudly opinionated online and then tend to much more reserved in one to one real- life situations. I think some successful/popular people online have got there as a result of being more controversial/more provocative than the next person but this behaviour is difficult to carry through to real life.

In the early days of BT, I was advised that the site should aim to be more controversial and that comments that agreed/supported/congratulated were less useful that those that challenged. Some people out there equate debate with saying something to start a row and then continuing by shouting and cursing in the comments. Observing some of these provocative for the sake of it styles, I’m often reminded of how I use to sometimes behave as a child :)



Written by FrederiqueMurphy
4868 days ago

Hi Ivan,

What an interesting post, and no doubt, that comments and feedback will be interesting to say the least.

When I talk about authenticity, for me, it means, being true to yourself and be as you are; so within my definition, I would disagree that all authentic person could be trusted for instance, as some non-trusty person could be themselves, hence authentic, and yet, I would not trust them. I realise this is my view of the word ;-)

For me, authenticity comes across, it is almost a feel ;-) by being true to yourself, being aligned with your mission and vision, you'll be authentic, no matter whether you can or cannot be trusted, you are being you, and for me that's authenticity.

Hopefully, that makes sense ;-)


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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!