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To avoid duplicate content links to their websites, everyone is spinning their articles these days. Yes, even spammers. Learn how to spin like a pro, so you won't be mistaken by the search engines for a spammer.


Written by swssem
3524 days ago

I've tried article spinning and submitting to lots of article directories and it's had very minimal impact on ranking. I've moved away from doing it as an SEO practice, as I think it's not an effective use of time. Also, the high quality sites I've submitted to will not accept anything except a unique article, and they can search and find the spinoffs.

Written by john1511
3526 days ago

Is it really possible? And how to contribute to web quality of content on this way? If there is a only way to increase your positions and get backlinks so let it be.

Written by ivanwalsh
3526 days ago

Andy Warhol comes to mind also.

Towards the end of his career, most all his prints were different variations on a theme. But they all look more or less the same. Was he spinning?

Or in music, when rappers borrow a few bars from another song.

Is that creativity or theft?

Depends where you're sitting, I guess.

Written by smallbiztrends
3526 days ago

I have to agree with Janet that spinning is a low-level technique and not for high quality content creators. "Everyone" is NOT spinning articles. Repurpose and rewrite content, yes - spin, no. When you make content creation too automated, it is skirting a little too close to the edge for comfort, at least in my opinion.

- Anita

Written by JanetG
3526 days ago

This is a spam technique and only spammers have a need to "spin" their articles. Anybody who falls for this deserves to be banned in the search engines.

Written by amabaie
3526 days ago

It all depends on how unique you make the articles (have you read my post?). If you want to submit an article to every article directory, to build your backlinks just as your competition is doing, you are not going to write hundreds of articles from scratch. First, you'll never get those many ideas. Second, you'll never find the time (and you'll go broke trying). If you spin professionally, the way I am suggesting, what you are doing is taking the same information, the same research and creating multiple articles out of it. If every article is identical, you would call that spam. If every article was 100% unique, that would be the opposite. Somewhere between the two extremes lies the compromise between the two, the real world that is both effective and ethical.

Written by businessavante
3527 days ago

VERY GOOD, Dave! This is sort of like J.S.Bach - trying every possible permutation to achieve ultimate excellence. (Bach probably could've beaten Google!)


Written by amabaie
3526 days ago

That might be one of those epic battles that missed out by a few years.

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