Cheatsheet: How Brands Can Win Reddit

Cheatsheet: How Brands Can Win Reddit  - Avatar Posted by tcamba under Online Marketing
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“We didn’t set out for reddit to be a big player to this campaign,” said Kyle Luhr, a senior digital strategist at TBWAChiatDay who worked on the Nissan campaign. “We had a plan for it, but were honestly surprised by how big it got.” The original reddit post spawned several other reddit threads around Nissan and Amazon and garnered more than several thousand comments combined.


Written by TrafficMarketingExpert
3762 days ago

This is great! I like reddit but there is a suspicious side to the community. I find to the point that if you're new on the site or in a specific sub-reddit / community that it can take a long time to get any return on any kind of efforts.

Thing is that once you get to that point reddit marketing can be massive for your brand. It's a long-term, relationship based community that I admire a lot.

Thanks for the share!

Written by lyceum
3762 days ago

Teepu: I have Reddit in my Chrome browser, but I haven't used it so much yet. I have shared some posts and articles on politics and economics. I like the idea that you could get Reddit Gold Credits! :)

I have to "chew" this post for some time and see how I can use it in my new business ventures.

Written by SuzanneDoyleIngram
3763 days ago

This is fantastic, thank you. I have never used Reddit before but it seems like a good thing to look into.

Written by HeatherStone
3762 days ago

Hi Suzanne,

Reddit is a valuable resource for some communities. But generally it depends on your interests and the content you are attempting to share. Reddit tends to be a bit techie and geeky with emphasis on entertainment too -- such as gaming, movies and music. If your message fits within this setting, Reddit may be the place for you.

Written by tcamba
3763 days ago

This is hilarious and brilliant. Whoever thought of this marketing campaign is a genius!

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