Congratulations! The buzz is happening.

You've managed to *conquer all obstacles* by accomplishing this gigantic first step in marketing your book(s):

_____You've successfully targeted your reading audience — Reaching out and interacting with other people who'd be more inclined to purchase the book or material you have to offer.

_____The number of followers have increased and your name is exposed — More and more people are requesting your friendship in all the social media sites.

_____You've even established strong relationships — These followers are converting nicely into your fans.

_____Your blog/website is filled with valuable content, linked to high traffic sites, and is attractive for others to come — Visitors are leaving comments on your site. Checking out the Feedburner and Google Analytics stats, you see peaks which indicates the hits/subscribers are increasing.

_____Your name and the title of your book is showing-up on the first page of the Google Search Engine. — You're carefully selecting tags or keywords with all your posts. The webcrawlers are picking you up. No longer does your potential customers have to scroll through Google Search Engine pages to find you. (Let's face it, they wouldn't anyway—at least I wouldn't).

For authors, who are marketing their books, if you can honestly check off the points listed, it's time for you to accept this grand sense of accomplishment. Reward yourself—(wine and chocolate work well for me—lol) Creating a buzz is a major accomplishment. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve a buzz and create a sense of exposure out in the massive competitive realm of the Internet. Building an author platform is no simple feat.

But, don't stop now. (okay, rest with your wine and chocolate, but just rest—) You have another obstacle to conquer. There's a VERY important second step you must accomplish to market your books successfully—


Let's put our feet in our potential customers' shoes. They call us by our first name, know where we (our books) are located, and totally trust what we have to say. I'd say probably around 40% would purchase our books in an instant. As long as we've got your purchase buttons displayed and the process is simple, they'd click and we'd have a sale. But that still leaves the other 60% of your fans—

These followers may hesitate just prior to pushing the purchase button. Perhaps they've been burned before from others who've lured them into a purchasing situation. Sales people are bred to be very good at what they do.

Now it's up to us to provide proof. We must supply a sample of what exactly our potential customers will be receiving for their hard earned money. We have the ability to allow them to read a part of our book.

Just think of the last time you went into a book store. Unless a friend recommended a title or you heard it was on the best selling list, you would have to check out an unknown author or book title before purchasing.


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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!