The BIG Con Of Social Media

The BIG Con Of Social Media  - Avatar Posted by jonrhodesuk2 under Online Marketing
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Here’s why I think social media is a BIG con, and here’s a better suggestion…

Can I ask you one question…

How much traffic do you get from social media?

I’ll wager that it is less than 10%. Am I right?

That’s quite a safe bet since most people gain less than 2% of their traffic from social media. And that’s not all…

Social media is well known to provide poorly converting traffic. People don’t go on social media to buy things. They go to hang out. Do you go on Facebook when you’re looking for a new laptop? No, you go on Google, Amazon or EBay.


Written by 27will
3556 days ago

The value of social media may not be as tangible as other sources of traffic, but in a world where consumers expect the option of engaging with a brand on social media, it may not be just a "nice to have" but rather a need to have. How much you get out of it can depend largely on how well you manage it and the effort you put in.

Written by AngelBiz
3556 days ago

While I agree with you on the value of email marketing, I am not sure social media effort is all wasted even if you don't get significant traffic from it. In addition to traffic social media helps you build long-term relationship with you customers, which may translate into higher traffic and sales down the road. The difference is short-term vs. long-term payback in my mind.

Written by lyceum
3556 days ago

Jon: As a social media evangelist, I don't see any CONs with new media, working together with old and mainstream media, as long as you have your own hub, creating content, e.g., blog posts.

Email is working well together with social media. Otherwise, how would you find out that you have a newsletter? The challenge is that we will get email fatigue in the years to come...

And we will not be "googling" after buying suggestions, we will reach out to our friends on social media and ask for recommendations.

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