7 Simple Ways To Make Your Readers Happy

7 Simple Ways To Make Your Readers Happy - http://wackoz.com Avatar Posted by Saqi316 under Public Relations
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Your blog readers are basically the most important thing that you have. You do everything for them, but are you really giving them what they want and need? Are You making them Happy?


Written by QueenMaa
2543 days ago

I agree. I have seen many blogs that have a bunch of ads. It does take away from your site when you have too many ads. I think people who have too many ads are generally more focused on making money and they get carried away. Many bloggers have more ads and less content. They have ad posts instead of blog posts. That is a sure way to get less readers. When people visit your blog they are looking for information and if you are not providing any they will not stay. Ads will not get you readers but content will.

Thank you for sharing your insights with us!

Written by kingofcontent92
2544 days ago

A bloggers asset is his writing. Without the proper concept on how to please your readers, you will never have any in return. There are many ways to please a reader and 7 of it is included in this article. Many says, the simpler, the better, and the fewer, the best. so for those who are willing to spare a few minutes to improve your writing, read this article because this article is really great.

Written by janesheeba
2546 days ago

Great points indeed. Being annoying with ads and pushy marketing tactics is what we see in most blogs nowadays. It has become so rare to see a "clean" blog! With all the ads and all the clutter, the content is done great injustice.

Speed is another issue with most websites. Thanks for bringing up all these great points Wackoz :)

Written by AngelBiz
2546 days ago

Excellent tips. I think your #1 advice (keep it Clean) is very important. The first impression readers get when they lend on your site determines whether they will stick around and come back again or they will be turned off and never come back.

Written by merincafe
2546 days ago

No one wants to wait- that's very true. Amazing tips. Thanks for sharing this article in biz sugar community

Written by BizRock
2552 days ago

Most people would love to be happier.This is amazing 7 simple ways to make your readers happy.

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