Bloggers, don't copy content!

Bloggers, don't copy content!  - Avatar Posted by nirmalablog under Resources
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Most of the bloggers do spend some quality time to create well-researched blog posts with a fresh perspective for their readers. But it hurts them when their content gets copied by other bloggers. Am I right? I have experienced this issue thrice!


Written by george84
3692 days ago

Thank you! It's a really important subject.

I unfortunately found out that few blogers have copied my posts.

I'm using a website called Copyleaks - to find out if my content has been used in other websites. I really recommend using it and then confronting the websites who plagiarized your content. We must stop this!

Written by bigmoneyweb
3698 days ago

Well written as always Nirmala. It can really hurt when after you've spent lots of time to write an interesting blog post and it get copied. I've also experienced it a couple of times and i wonder why some people are so lazy to become original. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.


Written by nirmalablog
3698 days ago

Yes Val, it really pains if someone steal our content. The most annoying part is that the person who copied my content is in my FB friends list. I've requested him to do modifications, but he refused to do so. I've told for his betterment, but he was not in a mood to accept my advice and told that the blog post written by his writer. I left from that place silently and I felt depressed with that happening. So I discussed with my favorite bloggers to get motivation and made this post.

Thank you so much for your appreciation Val, means a lot :-)

Written by BizRock
3699 days ago

That's a really nice and useful tips that can help us,thank you.

Written by nirmalablog
3698 days ago

Thanks for reading the post Bizrock, Glad you find this post useful :-)

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