Blogging Ideas: Keeping the River Flowing

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Blogging has given me a great network of friends and colleagues. I’m thankful for these relationships. They are full of ideas and value. And perhaps even more importantly they remind us to share more openly our little tricks. Things that help us, and might help others, become more successful.

It was one of those relationships and discussions that I want to share with you. The topic was blogging and more specifically ideas for blogging. This challenge is probably the number one cause of thousands of abandoned ghost blogs littering the Internet.


Written by billrice
5029 days ago

Cindy, You are right on. I have been using my search results for years. It is a great source of ideas and writing about them makes you blog more appealing to your readers and Google. Big Win, Win.

Lyceum, I was wondering if that would begin to happen. I know Google is playing with some reverse look-up searches (kind of like a telephone reverse look-up) where you submit an image and it goes and returns results for websites using that image--Google Goggles. I tried it and it was pretty interesting.

Written by CindyKing
5030 days ago

Bill, I think the first place to look at is where you have your Google search results. I use one of the simple to read tools for this purpose only.

The questions your readers entered into their search engines to find your blog are great sources of inspiration for articles... and if you do it regularly you will also learn a fair bit about your audience. It also helps you to move towards writing content that connects with real people. This also helped me to structure my blog content better.

Sometimes there are phrases and sometimes there are full questions, but I started doing this with new blogs, and every day I had at least 1 very good idea for a new article.

This is the one tactic that helped me write a daily blog post on two different blogs for a full year.

Written by lyceum
5030 days ago


This is smart tip on how to get material for your blog! I will study the incoming search results a bit more in the future.

Do you have plenty of image searches to your blog? I have seen an increased amount of this type of search from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!