Facebook Marketing: The Ugly Truth About FanPages

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So you've created a Facebook Page with all of the greatest gadgets and gizmos. You've conquered the world. You have the best FanPage on the block. You promoted your FanPage with a Facebook Ad. You paid people $10.00 for liking your page. Now you have a g'zillion Facebook fans.

All you have to do is sit back and relax on a beach in the Caribbean while the checks come rolling in.

Well, maybe not.


Written by swssem
4530 days ago

I agree with others that FB is just a channel. And it's one you don't have full control over. I'm a big proponent of having a blog as your core content hub, since it stays under your control, and you can then syndicate your content out to a FB page (and Twitter, etc).

Written by marie.clare
4531 days ago

I agree w/ John in this issue. We sometimes forget that Quality and Quantity are far two different from each other. It's a fact that the quantity of followers that we have, yes may matter, but on how successful we were able to send out our message to our followers(quality) is what really counts the most.

Written by alastair
4532 days ago

Love this article. Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media are channels. Venues to get content out. Venues to engage with potential customers if you are lucky. A Facebook Fan is not an end in itself but simply extends the number of people that your communication can possibly reach.

Written by ShawnHessinger
4532 days ago


Yep. Have to agree here. There's no one solution for marketing your business. There's no button you can push that will make your business instantly accessible to the whole wide world. There are no shortcuts to good marketing and plain old hard work. FB and others are really valuable (like a hammer is valuable for driving a nail into a board.) But the hammer won't do all the work itself.

Written by Small Business News
4532 days ago

We've reviewed lots of stories about Facebook's marketing potential...and the potential of Twitter and other social media. The truth? These are tools and the content you provide and the strategies you apply when using them make all the difference. No magic here. Just a smarter way to do good quality marketing.

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