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Made Hot by: cbirish on March 20, 2010 7:37 am
During these times with the economy in difficulty it may seem harder than ever to cope with the demands and challenges in the workplace. There are a variety of steps you can take to reduce your overall personal stress levels at work.


Written by FrederiqueMurphy
4695 days ago

Catherine, thanks for sharing these fantastic tips and resources, it is really a packed post!

What I like the most about it is that you said in your opening paragraph that "stress is a normal part of life". I like that as, once we accept that, then we can learn how to reduce and manage it.

It is the same with change management, once you get people to accept change and resistance (lol!), then, it gets easier because you can plan your approach.

And, I like that about your post, thank you!

Written by MelSchregardus
4696 days ago

Great post Catherine, I think most of us have stress at work these days, it's a big help to know how to manage it.

Written by catherineconnors
4696 days ago

Thank you Melanie, I'm glad you found the post helpful.

Written by catherineconnors
4697 days ago

Thank you everyone for your comments, as most of you have mentioned it’s about balance. Stress is a part of life but stress overload in one area of your life will cause the balance to tilt and therefore affect all the other areas of your life. No one makes it through life completely stress free and let’s be honest you wouldn't want too. We all need good stress, we need to be challenged mentally, physically and emotionally, and this gives spice to our lives, its how we learn and evolve.

Finding the right amount of stress in your life is like finding the right tension in a guitar string, too much tension and the string breaks, too little tension and there is no music. The goal is to be able to play and hear the music without breaking the strings.

Written by WayneLiew
4699 days ago

Nice post. Most people don't realize the stress that are building within them until things become too late and because business owners often work hard to strive only the best for our businesses, we often forget the need to have a proper lifestyle to keep stress levels at bay.

Written by catherineconnors
4696 days ago

Thank you for your comment Wayne, its very important for business owners (indeed all those in business regardless of the industry) to be mindful of a proper lifestyle and to try and create a good life/work balance.

Written by nialldevitt
4700 days ago

Hi Catherine, wonderful and very important reminder to us all. I have to admit I was guilty of very bad work/life management prior to Xmas and it was starting to take a toll. I am glad to report that it is something I now have under control and am feeling all the better (& more effective) for it. Thanks so much for the great tips. UP TIPP! Cheers, Niall

Written by catherineconnors
4696 days ago

I'm glad to hear that your work/life balance is now under better control, be aware of where you are now so that you can feel and readjust should the balance tilt again. Thank you for the comment and kind words.

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Share your small business tips with the community!