Cultural differences mean that our clients might have different expectations than we expect. An accurate appreciation of your international clients' expectations can help you improve your international marketing, but it can also help you to establish a good foundation for trust. Read More
It is natural for international clients to be curious or nervous and they may have a certain apprehension about doing business abroad if this is their first time, or if it is the first time they are doing business with you. An easy way to build trust is to deliver what you promise. Read More
A simple question about whether your client is happy may not give you the feedback you would need to hear from your international clients. It is important to remember the cross-cultural communication challenges that stop you from learning more about your cross-cultural clients' expectations. Read More
One of the biggest challenges in cross-cultural communication is that different cultures simply do things differently, and when you do not adapt appropriately this effects your international business. Read More
This video on globalization, small business and the cheese bowl of doom by small business guru Iain Scott lays out perhaps the only argument against globalization I've ever really agreed with...perhaps because it's not really an argument against globalization at all. You see, Iain, the same guy who brought us the message that small business is a Read More
How international market research can help businesses find the right marketing tactics to use to reach international markets and why market research is an integral part of international marketing. Read More
From the start of the presidential poll to a vote recount and Neda Soltani's death, the crisis has never failed to get massive media attention both online and offline. What has been particularly striking is how heavily social media is being used to deliver news of the situation to millions of people online. Read More
English is a common language for communication with international clients. But which English? American English and British English. Many businesses are now adopting International English to communicate effectively with a wide international audience. Read More
There are cultural differences between British English and American English that go beyond different spelling. Today many businesses want to reach a wide international audience in English and are turning to International English to make this easier. Read More
China is a world power. However, China also feels like its just a minute away from another Without Warning Event, which will be heard and felt around the world. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!