Thanks to Laurel Delaney at The Global Small Business Blog for this link about how young entrepreneurs (and other graduates seeking good jobs) are heading to China. The story in The New York Times talks about the appeal of China because of lower cost of living and an expanding economy with a recession at home. Rea Read More
You know things have gotten a lot better when one of the biggest concerns in the economy is commercial real estate, because six months ago this was something that was put to the back of the worry list and here it is at the fore-front. Read More
This article from WebCPA looks at the Private Company Financial Reporting Committee of the International Accounting Standards Board and its discussion of a global accounting standard for small business. What exactly such an international standard will mean for small entrepreneurs the world over is unclear. If standards are simply a means by which Read More
A blog about a recent trip to Ghana from "Entrepreneurs at ASU" (Arizona State University) raises the question of whether social entrepreneurship is the next small business trend. Sponsored by GlobalResolve at ASU, an initiative aimed at bringing economic development and other tools to the developing world, the trip looked at many factors connec Read More
The idea of hiring a Virtual Assistant in some parts of the world, particularly in the United States, is an everyday fact. However, the concept is still relatively new in the UK but an increasing number of individuals are starting to choose this line of work as their full time career. Read More
You have a presentation that just rocks! You have given this presentation, training, and/or workshop to people in your local area and the response was phenomenal— why not bring it to a wider audience? These 5 tools will help you bring your presentations into the digital age and to a global audience. Read More
By 2015 over one third of global companies will come from developing markets Read More
Up until recently the American business mindset has approached "trade" largely a from the perspective of an importer: what can we make cheaply overseas and profit from the sale of in the U.S.? Nowadays, though, more and more small business people are figuring out that there's a vast untapped market for American products overseas. The weak dolla Read More
If you have the time and the funds, nothing beats a visit to a country you are about to do business in to fully understand and appreciate how the people live day-to-day Read More
There are many dynamics working against the dollar and for the Canadian dollar. I don't claim that these are the ONLY reasons but I do believe that they are very important dynamics that are all collectively working at the same time to bring down the USD/CAD currency pair. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!