California based startup Driveway recently raised $10 million of venture capital in a series A round which they plan to use to grow their mobile telematics technology which gives their users an “objective rating” on their driving.

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Have you ever wanted your own personal assistant that knows your likes and dislikes and can order things for you on demand?

If so, you’re in luck. The new company, GoButler, is currently in a series A funding round to raise $8 million in venture capital.

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The concept of equity crowdfunding is still in evolution phase. However, the popularity continues to grow. Here is a guide for you. Read More
So you’ve taken the steps to start your own company and now you’re fortunate enough to catch the eye of an investor.
One of the first things he’s going to want to know is how much he has to pay to be a part of your company, and how much of the company he’ll get for that price.
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PeerRealty, a real estate crowdfunding platform, recently introduced CFX, the U.S.’s first secondary market for equity crowdfunding shares. For accredited investors, this exchange will improve the liquidity of equity crowdfunding investments.
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"Perth is the largest city of Western Australia with an estimated population of 2.02 million living in greater Perth. The economy of Perth dominates the western Australian economy as its suitable location creates a development opportunity for many businesses." Read More
You’ve probably seen advertisements for small business financing that claim to be “no doc” with no credit requirements and are wondering if this can be true. At Ventury Capital we’ve helped countless of business owners get the capital they’ve needed to grow and now we’re going to explain how all th Read More
Bow Truss is one of Chicago’s fastest growing coffee shops. In this interview, we spoke with owner Phil Tadros about how Bow Truss was able to scale so quickly in such a short amount of time, how speciality coffee is changing the industry and why the financial landscape is better than ever for smal Read More
Now you can download all three of our pitch deck templates, choose the design that's best for you (Geo, Craft, or Pro), and start customizing the slides to tell your company story.
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Looking for financing? You've got several options to consider. Here we break down each of them for your small business and startup. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!