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There are various things you need to know when selling your business. You should know what you should and shouldn't do when presenting your business details to potential buyers. Read More
Are you wishing to buy a business? To do so, you will need to negotiate with a seller. This article will give you all the basic steps you need to become the best negotiator there has ever been. Read More
Owning a business is a dream of many across globe. Everybody wants to be his/her own boss. Franchising is a great way to own a business with training and support available from an established brand. Read More
What is the importance of re-branding and how it is useful for established companies to extend products and services to different markets. Read More
There are many reasons why you have to think about your exit strategy already when you buy or start your business, so it’s important you familiarize yourself with your options. Read More
Taking your business to the next step? Planning to buy a commercial property to expand your small business even further? Like anything else you need to know what you are doing when signing the lease for a commercial property and unless you negotiate you won’t be able to get the best deal possible. Read More
Businesses changing hands is part of the way the market works. A bigger company pays an amount and acquires a smaller company mostly because it suits its purposes and either more profits are involved through this acquisition, or some other agenda is served. To value a business the present, past and Read More
Franchises are some of the safest businesses to buy, but you have to know what criteria to look out for when doing so. Read More
If you want to buy a service franchise there are several great ones in Australia. Before making a decision on which franchise to buy you need to check some criteria. Read More
Whilst food franchises can be great opportunities, there are also some things you need to know to avoid when deciding which food franchise to invest in. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!