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Yup, you read right. Email marketing — you know, sending out those hundreds or thousands or millions of emails to prospective customers, leads or clients is STILL GROWING! ..sigh…sounds like SPAM pays off, eh?

Well, not really is my own take on this, after a solid read of the latest research by Read More
Google moves sometimes with the speed of a turtle and other times well ahead of the pack, and the latest addition to the search results page is both quite surprising and interesting, eh!

Go to google.ca (note, .ca only…as I can not get this to display on google.com!!!) and then enter a search te Read More
Couldn’t a said it any better than a Forrester Research exec herownself, eh!

“In a perfect world, it’s both and everything in between. In the real world the general marketing rule is that retention is a lot more cost effective than acquisition…”

Now that’s spot-on, eh and to be the prologue t Read More
Okay, I’ve got to tackle this one now. I’ve been an online user since 1988 (yup, pre graphics and Mosaic etc…all the way back to Lynx and text-based only browsing) and from what I’ve learned in my online professional life, almost anything can be spun when it comes to marketshare stats.

So, what’ Read More
Yup, point here is, that even us ‘older’ boomers use search engines and that’s the honest truth — and here’s why I say that!

My wife has a birthday coming up and we were watching tv just on the past Thanksgiving weekend….and we both saw the new Apple iPod Nano advert. You know the one with the l Read More
You know, if you read here that I occasionally find something that bugs the hell outta me, and I rant on same, right?

Then get ready for another “Rick Mercer” ride, canucks!

Got this email below in it’s entirety….sent to me this am…and I read it and the air was “blue” around my desk for about Read More
Well, others, many others have already noticed this but it’s come to our attention in the past few months that the newest, ‘bestest’ backlink bait around, is the infographic! Let me explain, as we love same and often feature them here on our own blog and I thought you might all like some ‘backgroun Read More
Okay, no real surprise here, just a test of what I’ve been seeing/thinking/pondering on for the past couple of weeks, eh! Right, Google now has added the LOCAL geotargeting algo to their Google Suggest dropdowns….here look at what I see for each letter in the alphabet just this morning. Read More
Okay, so if you’re like me and you get feeds and blogs and RSS notices and are on like a hundred updates daily….you’ve realized like I did that this much info coming too fast means a bit of a loss in daily productivity, eh!

Right. It’s the way I live. I read at least the first hour each day…skip Read More
You know about Google’s Keyword Tool and given the quality of free and premium tools now available for SEO, you’re probably over it by now. Then there’s Google Trends, which is fun to play with and shows comparative data based on keywords. But have you tried Google’s Insights for Search Tool yet? B Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!