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If you have a child or have been on the internet in the last decade, chances are you’ve seen an unboxing video. On the surface, it seems like just another bizarre internet trend, but the unboxing experience has become critical in the world of retail- especially in eCommerce. There are a number of e Read More
When patients need medical care, they look for a provider who makes them feel comfortable. Therefore, when marketing a medical practice online, you need to humanize your brand to put patients at ease and build trust.

Here’s a look at steps you can take to personalize your online medica Read More
Facebook is the most popular social network among U.S. adults: 69 percent of them say they use the social media site, according to Pew Research Center. To reach your ideal patients on Facebook, you have to invest in medical ads. Read on for tips on creating successful Facebook ads for doctors. Read More
According to Instagram, more than 200 million users visit at least one business profile daily. Take your healthcare social media to the next level by creating a business profile on Instagram. Read More
Chances are, your practice currently has a Google My Business listing. However, if you haven’t fully completed your profile or don’t have key features enabled, you’re missing out.

In the U.S., the average Google My Business listing receives 317 Map views per month and 943 Search views, Read More
The majority of people consider patient reviews to be the most critical online resource when choosing a doctor, dentist, or another healthcare provider.

Clearly, patient reviews have a big impact on whether patients choose you, but that’s not all: Patient reviews also affect your searc Read More
Patient retention can be directly linked to a person’s experience at a healthcare practice. Those who feel satisfied with their visit overall are likely to return, whereas people who have a negative experience might never come again. Here are four examples of good bedside manner that effectively do Read More
Many patients want more from their doctors than traditional medical treatment. These patients — whether Baby Boomers or Millennials — turn to medical spas for a way to improve their appearance and boost their confidence.

Read on to get answers to common medical spa marketing questions Read More
You invested a great deal of time and resources into building a beautiful doctor website. However, your website is only effective if patients can find it.

Knowing where your audience is coming from is important because it helps you better tailor your marketing efforts. Here’s a look at Read More
As a business, it's important to reflect on what you've accomplished, where you fell short, and what meaningful lessons you want to bring into the new year.

In this article, we share 10 of our own reflections related to both business and sustainability. We hope this inspires other bus Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!