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In addition to the 4 P's of marketing, several other important principles follow. These marketing concepts are divided in to two categories, internal and external product/service benefits and consumer awareness. Read More
Data sampling is the acquisition of recorded numbers, information, facts or events in the form of a data set or multiple data sets. This information is used in obtaining statistical answers to marketing questions that help maximize return on research and advertising dollars. Read More
Existing business financial models lack sustainable efficacy and this is evident in the past failures of investment firms such as Lehman Brothers. Sustainable finance explores the options for a more robust, resilient and rounded way of doing business. Read More
Limited liability corporations are taxed as either pass through entities or as a partnership depending on the number of owners. Sole owners of LLCs may qualify for tax exemptions not typically applicable to individual tax filing; LLCs are also known to avoid double taxation. Read More
Business costs can be accounted for in different ways. Two such ways include expensing via a credit to revenue, and capitalizing via liabilities on the balance sheet prior to depreciation. Each methods has its advantages and disadvantages. Read More
The topic of business methods is evolving every day in patent law. Originally, business methods were not able to be patented, but today, they are almost considered on the same basis as every other invention or intellectual property. Read More
Small Businesses obtain financing for various aspects of business operations through specialized bank loan products. This article illustrates the various types of loans available to business owners through banks in addition to indicating how such loans can be approved. Read More
Even though an Internet sales tax influences consumer behavior and affects business administrative practices, there are some business protections built into the law. For example, businesses with annual revenue under $1 million would not be subject to the tax collection requirements, and if they are Read More
Grants help finance startup businesses and non-profit entities. For profit businesses usually have less grant financing opportunities at the government level than not-for-profit businesses. Nevertheless, business grants can be worth the effort when seeking an alternative to interest bearing loans a Read More
Financial and managerial reasons to consider a merger or acquisition within business strategy and obstacles to the successful implementation of M&A activity. Topics discussed include corporate competitiveness, costs and shareholder pros and cons. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!