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I have been a loyal Google Maps user from day one and was recently introduced to Waze: Community GPS navigation application. I think what caught my attention was that it attempts to solve a big problem with Google navigation that being the lack real time traffic updates and more active social integ Read More
Once in Google’s Keyword Tool you can enter a word or phrase that you think is pretty common in your business or you can enter a competitor’s website and you will get a list of keyword ideas. I like to select broad, exact and phrase to see everything that people are looking for, they are your targe Read More
here are plenty of ways to discover hotels on mobile devices including the major geo location services and online travel agencies such as Yelp, Foursquare, Google Places, Trip Advisor, Expedia and the Yellow Pages amongst many others. You can add another one to the list because Room 77 has recently Read More
Iphone and Android users in New York now have a digital version of the New Yorker’s Going On About Town section to keep them up to date on all the current events in New York. The New Yorker is a mix of politics, international affairs, art, humor, poetry and cartoons. “Goings on About Town” has bee Read More
Google has been involved with travel for some time and now they have decided to make more of a push with their new Hotel Finder. Google Hotel Finder is experimental so this could turn out to be a viable and useful product that will be around for awhile or it can go off to the digital graveyard as a Read More
If there was one application that android users have been waiting for as long as I can remember it would have to be Netflix. So many android smartphone users are also Netflix members and have wanted to not only watch Netflix but also manage their queue. The Netflix application for android has actua Read More
Social media has really opened up the doors for an engaging and immersive world to connect with people. This has really helped businesses reach their existing customers and potential prospects in whole new way. Almost every size and type of business has a Facebook and Twitter account to reach out t Read More
Geo location services have made more of a name for themselves as a service to check in, read reviews and find things to do. I had mentioned awhile back that Foursquare was partnering with American Express as way to bring more value to American express’s loyalty program. Foursquare has now just rol Read More
We have mentioned several applications for the hotel and hospitality industry including some to help you find a last minute room and some to give you’re a full service tour of your destination. Applications are starting to take away the spotlight from traditional websites as our go to choice for in Read More
Twitter is used for many purposes, some use it to stay informed on the most current news, some use it to reach out to people and stay informed about people they want to follow, some use it to gossip and talk about random things and some politicians even use it to unintentionally derail their career Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!