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Since the number one job of CEOs (and managing directors) is to make decisions, familiarity with game theory can be a useful tool in strategic planning. While some of game theory makes for dry reading, it is intriguing in its business applications. Game theory encourages one to know the variables an Read More
Sometimes we say one thing while we're sending a completely different message. For a leader to truly use the CEO Mindset, he/she must pay attention to what is going on internally and externally as well as the other aspects of leading and managing a business. The intersection between the CEO Mindset Read More
There are things that we do that make our work and leadership more difficult than it has to be.These are the 15 reasons (in no particular order)leaders fail their small to mid-sized businesses... Read More
Call it what it is...a turnaround. However, there is a process to renewing your confidence so you can take charge and get through this demanding time. Read More
As some of the regular readers of this blog know, I blog on Tweak Your Biz and KaizenBiz as well. These two posts which also touch on aspects of the CEO Mindset ask questions about leadership and what makes you most effective. Read More
Ireland is a tough place for small business owners right now and their confidence has taken a hit. It is easy to overlook at confidence as a business tool. Read More
The early days of a startup are filled with expectations and a never-ending list of tasks with moments of euphoria and anxiety. The Great Idea sustains you for a little while..then t feels like you're slogging through mud up the steepest slope. How much fire is in your belly to keep moving forward? Read More
When you reach the middle of the year, is it a time for celebration or redoubling of efforts? How would you use the CEO Mindset to question your assumptions? Read More
Networking is key part of building your small to mid-sized business. 7 reasons why upgrading your business networking events matters... Read More
Jumping off of Justin Fox's HBR post, we look at tension between paid content and social media sites balancing free platforms with demands of shareholders Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!