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Back in August 2014 Google informed that switching the website over to HTTPs will give the site some SEO advantages and a minor ranking boost. And what can we see now in 2016? There are a lot of sites which still use an HTTP-protocol. Let’s review this situation in details. Read More
Many online stores have an internal search which allows visitors to type in their specific requests and find necessary information or products. Our practical experience shows that many merchants forget to analyze this very valuable data. In this article we review the internal search in more details Read More
It is a usual practice that online stores personalize their content for different regions or countries and for such purpose, there is a special tool - hreflang tag. Let's look into what is so specific here in details. Read More
Nowadays SEO is so popular and many merchants are determined to increase traffic to their websites. Moreover, there is an opinion that increased traffic means that more users purchase products from the online store. But it can be fundamentally wrong. Why? Let’s review in details. Read More
Each merchant has experienced the situation when certain products are no longer available in an online store for some reason. In this article we take a closer look at some tips and actions that can be done. Read More
Summer time and holiday season are getting closer and closer and all professional merchants know that this period has a lot of peculiarities. Let’s review the main summer trends and possible activities that can help to make e-commerce business more successful in summer. Read More
If you search for the information concerning the pop-up ads on Google, you will discover a lot of results such as “pop-up blocker” and so on. This ad annoys people and they want to block it. In this article we will try to identify the golden mean to understand if it is possible to use it effectivel Read More
Statistics show that the situation concerning abandoned carts in e-commerce has not changed for 10 years and there is a huge potential for increasing sales here. Very often, the reasons why people do not complete a purchase are very simple and it is possible to avoid this problem by improving some Read More
Video content has experienced a dramatic growth over the past two years. This fact is not surprising because this channel has many advantages to deliver information to a potential customer. Let’s review what preferences video content is able to give to online stores. Read More
There are a lot of SEO questions from merchants concerning the structure of the online store, effective URLs, Titles, H1 and so on. In this article we’d like to provide the algorithm of the semantic kernel development which can help us address the most problematic SEO issues. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!