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Unlike other popular social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest is not about posting statuses that inform the world what you ate for breakfast. Pinterest is where you find the ideas for your breakfast. Pinterest is home to recipes, photography, home décor, fashion, and many other Read More
As an advertiser on Facebook, you know there is a multitude of ad specifications to consider before launching an ad campaign. There are various image sizes, character requirements, headline lengths, and more. To make this process easier, here’s a complete guide to Facebook social ad specs that cont Read More
To remember some of the brilliant ideas designers discovered this past year, mainstreethost has gathered a list of the trendiest typography trends of 2014 (that haven’t gone stale just yet!). Read More
You've probably noticed that the app stores are getting fuller. Mobile app usage is increasing with big numbers every year. The buying channel is shifting more towards the mobile instead of the desktop. Nowadays it's normal to buy flight tickets, clothes, electronics, etc right from your phone (or Read More
Visual content is very powerful -- yet many business owners create content and it doesn’t perform as expected. You can’t publish visual content and expect instant website traffic and social shares to just happen. An effective piece of visual content tells your story and really pulls the reader in. Read More
The main reason people fail at social media is they misunderstand how to communicate over a medium that’s meant for human interaction. Instead of engaging with a community of people, many marketers will push content out for potential customers and fail to see the social network as an opportunity fo Read More
As content consumption continues to increase globally, studies have been done to understand how Millennials - their identities, self-perception and values - are driving evolutions and revolutions in technology, communications and connectivity. Read More
Did you know that 61 percent of internet traffic is consist of bots, and that between 2012 and 2013, the number of bot traffic visitors increased by 21.5 percent. Read More
The online marketing industry is always changing. Search engines roll out new updates and data refreshes, pay-per-click advertising platforms introduce new features and social networks update their terms and policies on a regular basis. In no particular order, the infographic below lists 13 online Read More
Every year small businesses are faced with challenges in taxes, accounting, and outsourcing financial services. Wasp Barcode Technologies surveyed 393 small business leaders to create the Small Business Accounting Report to share the thoughts of small business owners. Findings are collected across Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!