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Are you tired of searching the Internet and finding too MUCH stuff? Are you tired of seeing the same search results pop up over and over again? Do you suspect that there are great businesses out there that you are missing because they don't come up on the first or second page of a Google search? Read More
Paul Chato wants to share his secret with you. The two most important things to building a successful business website. Ready? 1 Make a claim. 2 Prove it. That is it, simple, no? The execution is in the details, proving that claim can lead to all sorts of content for your website. Watch the video a Read More
As is often the case when I'm preparing a blog post, I have it almost done, polished to a reasonable level, ready to launch then I read something in the paper, the day of, that I think is a way better idea. So today I ran across a piece in the National Post that they filched from the Deccan Herald Read More
Manuel Francisco dos Santos was a soccer player from 50s and 60s. Like all Brazilian soccer stars, he was known by his nickname - Garrincha (a little bird). He was also called Alegria do Povo (Joy of the People). He was a colourful and naive character, with hundreds of stories attributed to him – a Read More
A company's reasons for building a website fall under the following main areas:

Credentials, confirmations site
Ecom, sell products site
Information site
Professional association site
Catalog site
Ego site

...or any combination of the above. Read More
I recently 'auditioned' for Speakers Spotlight ( They provide people of influence, talent and usefulness to groups requesting either to be entertained, enlightened and sometimes both. Why did I do this and what does it have to do with SMB tips? Most business owners would rather hav Read More
Got this email out of the blue from a wonderful designer who uses our system in Alabama. Enough from me, I'll let the letter do the talking. Read More
Recently I had a bit of an online dustup with someone who objected to me calling WordPress a 'bait and switch' proposition. As our typed responses got more heated (I was thoroughly civil) it was clear that WP was his platform of choice for developing sites for his clients and he didn't like me writ Read More
One of the great revolutions brought to us by smartphones is that we can surf the REAL internet with them. Back in the old days, it would take forever to load a page and the mobile browsing experience was crap. But now you can actually see your entire website on your smartphone. Cool! The question Read More
Gustavo, one of my partners at Your Web Department, suggested that I talk about Facebook from my perspective. What he meant by 'from my perspective' was as one of the oldsters out there. I'm north of 55 and I'm using Facebook and Twitter, etc. for business but that's not typical of my generation. A Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!