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About a year ago I came up with the "Treat your website as if it were an employee" concept. The observation being that most companies put up a website and just hope for the best. Their prime motivator being that their competition had one. Taking this to its logical conclusion I thought that if comp Read More
An example of how some of our clients are utilizing mobile for their business needs.
Metroshow (

Metroshow is a company located in Mendoza Argentina. They own 3 bars/discos: apeteco (, La Guanaca ( and GEO (

Target audien Read More
Here's a shock. Most SMBs have it all wrong. We think what we sell or make is what we do. No, that's completely wrong. It's always been wrong, but even more so now because it's so easy for someone else to do the same thing you're doing and probably cheaper. No, most of us are actually in the custom Read More
Social Media is ruling the web and it has become the most efficient way to promote your business on-line.

How? With Social Media Plugins, those little buttons and feeds from social networks you find on most websites. All those bits are hooks or small windows to the social network they connect t Read More
I am continually amazed at the people we encounter who have no idea what 'content' is. You know the stuff that fills your website so you can read things, see stuff and understand a bit about the company or service? Even though people encounter content all the time they lose all context as to what i Read More
How many of you said teenagers? The truth is they rank 4th ahead only of the 55+ audience. The vast majority of users are 25 - 34 followed by 35 - 45 year-olds and then 45 - 55 year olds.

If you were thinking gaming was still the biggest use of smart phones, taking the teens out of the equation Read More
Great short video from AT&T Mobile Marketing Solutions, it clearly shows the advantages of having a mobile website. Take a look at how YWD can help with your mobile website: YWD Mobile

"By going mobile, retail companies can reach their customers in dozens of different ways. Websites optimized fo Read More
What is a website? What is website design? There are two ways people approach website development, either they make the website design the hero or the content is the hero. While YWD is amazingly flexible we are much better suited to websites where businesses have figured out their unique selling pr Read More
A friend of mine, Marie Wiese, wrote in her a little while ago that CEO’s begrudge – even hate - spending money on marketing services or marketing consulting. She says that’s because marketing feels like a series of unconnected projects and tasks with vague un-measurable results. Read More
One of the most common support questions we receive at YWD is “I need help setting up my email”. Emails are so easy to send and receive, but setting up an email account isn’t always that straight forward.

First some email best practices for businesses. It is not okay to have “gmail” or “hotmail” Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!