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Whether you are setting up a main street store or an online store, you are going to need a relationship with a wholesaler or wholesalers. The same goes for service-based businesses such as hair salons and auto body shops, who can often earn additional income from selling complementary products in their business location.

However, finding and forming a trusted relationship with the right wholes Read More
Financial fitness is a topic no business owner can afford to ignore. But truth be told, most entrepreneurs don’t have a financial background. They pick up pieces of financial intelligence along the way, either learning from others or from their mistakes. And whether you are good with numbers or not, even a basic foundation in financial skills can help you make sound business decisions, as well Read More
Before you get to the “wealth creation” part of franchising, you must write a powerful operations manual. This manual has to be your best work. It will be the foundation of your franchise, and you’ll have to live it and breathe it in order to ensure your success (as well as the success of your franchisees.) Read More
Sometimes it is hard to tell how your social media activity stacks up. Are you more active -- or less active -- than your peers? Is your target audience likely to be using certain social media over other social media -- say LinkedIn versus video? Are you taking the right steps to build your presence online, or would you get better results if you adjusted your steps? This list of social medi Read More
Gaming businesses are highly regulated, however, there continues to be confusion on the laws that regulate the industry. To help small business owners that deal with gambling or gaming operations, or are considering joining the field, we've provided a basic list of resources that will help you understand these regulations. Read More
It’s tax season again and, no doubt you don’t need a reminder, but the April 15, 2010 filing deadline is only days away.

The good news is that whether your are preparing your own taxes or working with a tax specialist, there are many tools and resources that can help you maximize your small business deductions, navigate tax law changes and file correctly and on-time! Read More
Making a commitment to truly sustainable and sustained green business practices on “Earth Day and Every Day” (to borrow the EPA’s Earth Day slogan) requires going beyond the hype – it requires vision, commitment and investment – and it’s something small business does very well. Read More
No matter how large or small your business is, planning for retirement not only makes good fiscal and tax sense it can also help attract and retain employees. And whether you are a sole proprietor or manage only a few employees, there are many options that can meet your particular needs – if you know how to find them. Read More
Most of us plan all the time. Not just the whole big plan for our business, called “the business plan,” as in capital letters, scary, THE BUSINESS PLAN; but also, all the time, the pieces of business that make it work. We plan the product launch, the trade show, the marketing programs, sales events, new product development, channel management, and so forth. Planning your marketing, your product o Read More
Got a great business idea, but no money to get it off the ground? The good news is there are people who are willing to invest in solid business opportunities, but the operative word here is solid. In other words, in order to attract investment capital you need to know how to make a professional presentation demonstrating the viability of your business idea. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!