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Some days are not easy! Nor are “user-friendly“! Such days, can bring you many more challenges, while you still have to cope with the “ordinary” things! Read More
XMind (not an affiliate link) is a mature tool for mind mapping. Mind Mapping is a visual way for organizing information, excellent option for manage the modern information overload.

The technique of mind mapping have been developed by Tony Buzan and it is proved very useful during the last year Read More
I have started using Facebook, almost from the start, late of 2004 or early 2005, as I recall! At first, Facebook it was a reference in a study for a project I was involved, aiming, among other things, to the social aspects of networks of the time (as IT people we collectively labeled all these ser Read More
How strong are you? Have you heard the question? Have this question made to you? It is a legitimate question, off course. But it is mainly a question that it is defined by the answer you give! Read More
What happens when a choice you made, imposed to someone else way of thinking and doing? You do make a lot of choices in the course of your life. What you eat, how you would dress up, with whom you would associate with! You take many choices in your everyday life. Either to a personal or to a profes Read More
It is not always easy to think about tomorrow. The next day, most of the times, is a puzzle to be solved, if not a problem for most of the people! Tomorrow, you have to pay bills; tomorrow, you have to attend a school event; tomorrow, you have to prepare the financial report for a client, at work; Read More
Do you use Google+ for your business. Check this infographic, from Quick Sprout for some interesting facts and how to increase engagement! Read More
Leadership as a discipline and as a daily practice is a lot different to leadership per se (or at least what everybody means, when we talking about leadership!). Check here why! Read More
Clarity in our intentions and communication is one of the most important assets in your toolbox. Sometimes, you have failed to convey the right message or intention towards others! It is a lack of communication, or simple your failure to realize what you really strive after? Read More
Do you like to make better decisions? Then, perhaps you should try to put a little bit of OODA in your life! Check it here! Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!